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Best-selling Pickup trucks Ranked: GMC Sierra is No. 6! Who is number one?

by Rachel Smith 13 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Pick-Up Truck has always been a best-selling model. It has powerful off-road capabilities and is very practical. It has always been in great demand in the world market. We ranked the best-selling pickup trucks in the world in 2023 based on statistics from an overseas organization. , let’s take a look at the data. Among them, the familiar GMC ranks fourth, and the sales volume of the first-place model is close to 1 million!

Focus2Move, an internationally renowned data statistics organization, announced the best-selling pickup trucks of the world's top ten manufacturers in 2021. In this data, the top three are almost all "North American special vehicles" including Ford F Series, Ram Pick-Up and Chevrolet Silverado. All three models are full-size pickup trucks, which are much larger than the pickup trucks we are familiar with!
You may be wondering why full-size pickup trucks are more popular in North America? The main reason is that Canada and the United States in North America are both major agricultural countries in the world. They need to carry agricultural tools and some crops, and have a relatively large demand for towing weight. Full pickup trucks can well meet their needs.

The sales of these three cars are 877,720, 649,297 and 616,559 respectively. The annual sales of any one of them are already higher than my country's annual car sales!

As for the fourth place, we are familiar with the Hilux. This car is an important global strategic car of Toyota. Although it is not as good as the full-size pickup truck like F-Series in terms of body size, it is popular in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. Cars are still good partners, especially Toyota's ancestral high reliability rate, which has made this car very popular in some third world countries. Its sales have also reached 529,080 units. However, this is due to the impact of the epidemic and the shortage of chips. The results obtained are also remarkable.

In fifth place is the Ford Ranger, with sales of 367,507 units, while the Mitsubishi Triton is not on the list.

Here are the complete rankings:

Ford F Series: 877,720 units
Ram Pick-Up: 649,297 vehicles
Chevrolet Silverado: 616,559 units
Toyota Hilux: 529,080 units
Ford Ranger: 367,507 units
GMC Sierra: 316,512 units
Toyota Tacoma: 288,663 units
Isuzu D-Max: 265,311 units
Great Wall Wingle 5: 135,786 units
Fiat Strada: 115,750 units

Source: Focus2Move

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