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Why more and more young people like pickup trucks 2024

by SmithRachel 06 May 2024 0 Comments

Nowadays, more and more young people are giving up cars and SUVs and choosing pickup trucks. What is the charm of pickup trucks? What are its advantages compared with cars and SUVs? What were the reasons that led you to finally decide on a pickup truck?

Young people choose cars because of their comfortable ride. Generally speaking, it is also more fuel-efficient, has less wind resistance, is more business-like, and has a load-bearing body. And now, pickup trucks also have these advantages~
As for the Chevrolet Silverado, the body structure retains the truck's non-load-bearing body. The advantage of this structure is that the driving experience is generally more stable, the body stiffness is much higher than that of the load-bearing car, the safety level is higher, and the torsion resistance is stronger It also has the characteristics of an off-road vehicle and its appearance is extremely cool. In addition, pickup trucks generally have a non-load-bearing body, with a higher center of gravity and a larger body. There will be a big difference in turning, driving and other operations. It's quick to get started and more powerful than a sedan.
Young people choose SUVs because SUVs are safer, have better passability, are taller, have better visibility when driving, and are more likely to bring more security to car owners. However, with the urbanization of SUVs and energy saving and emission reduction, engine miniaturization and vehicle lightweighting have become development trends. In order to reduce weight, vehicles have changed from a non-load-bearing body with independent beams and a large weight to a load-bearing cage body. The body stiffness no longer has off-road capability, making it impossible to carry out serious off-roading.

As long as a pickup truck adds a high roof to the rear trunk and connects the space, it will immediately become an off-road vehicle. The non-load-bearing body has extremely high torsional rigidity. The front-wheel drive layout is inherently better than the front-wheel drive vehicle in getting out of trouble, even if it is only rear-wheel drive, but adding Differential locks are also very good at getting out of trouble, and rear-wheel drive + differential lock cars actually have them. It can not only travel in the city but also go out for leisure. You can take a trip at any time.

Generally speaking, it is more passable than a car, has a greater carrying capacity than an SUV, and is more comfortable than a front-wheel-drive truck. These are all reasons why young people choose pickup trucks! Pickup trucks are not only practical and fun, but they are also an ideal vehicle for family use. Young people choose pickup trucks. What is your choice?

Prower by Cherocar

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